Power Disruption On Your Street
Power Disruption in your House Alone

Is the power on your entire street or in your neighborhood down? And is there a 3-phase engine, such as an elevator, that is also not working? Then there is probably a network problem. For instance, there could be a cable down.

Please call us on 1576, so we can send a team to investigate and repair. We fix more than 95% of all disruptions on the same day. In case of large disruptions, we quickly become aware of those faults and work hard to resolve the issue quickly. Whenever you call us, please have your installation number ready so we can serve you better. You can find this on your electricity bill.


Are you the only one without power?

Is your circuit breaker still on although you don’t have power? Then there is probably a network problem, which we can repair. Please give us a call on 1576. In order for us to serve you better, please have your installation number ready whenever you call us. You can find it on your electricity bill.


Has your circuit breaker switched off? Then the problem lies within your house and is caused by a broken device or the use of too many devices at the same time. We advise you to identify which device is causing the problem. To do so, remove the plugs of all devices which are out of order from the power outlet, switch on the circuit breaker and then plug the devices back in one by one. When the circuit breaker trips again, you have found the culprit. If you need support with this, or if you can’t find the cause within your house, please call an electrician.